Business Law

Navigating the Legal Path for Business Prosperity

Growing companies require solid legal advice, and our highly skilled Business Law practice group offers valuable counsel to an array of entities, including individuals and startups, as well as successful corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, nonprofit organizations and associations.

By learning the ins-and-outs of our clients’ businesses, we are able to offer the day-to-day and strategic legal counsel they need to be successful. In addition to addressing the issues at hand, we also serve as long-term trusted advisors who can help avoid pitfalls in planning for the future. We are devoted to learning our clients’ businesses so that, regardless of the industry, we can provide strategic and pragmatic business advice.

Our Business Law practice group helps both entrepreneurs and established professionals make the most of their businesses, from start-up to succession planning.

Our Work Includes:

    • Entity formation and advice
    • Reorganizations
    • Liquidations
    • Contracts, including:
      • Shareholder and buy-sell agreements
      • Partnership agreements
      • Limited Liability Company operating agreements
      • Bylaws
      • Articles of Organization
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Letters of intent
      • Agreements for the sale of goods
      • Agreements for the sale of services
      • Distribution agreements
      • Construction agreements
      • Technology and intellectual property agreements
      • Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements
      • Employment agreements
      • Restrictive covenants (e.g. non-compete and non-solicitation)
      • Independent contractor agreements
      • Consulting agreements
      • Severance agreements
      • Release agreements
      • Licensing agreements
      • Indemnity agreements
      • Escrow agreements
  • Valuation matters
  • Business succession planning

Contracts We Work On

Shareholder and buy-sell agreements, Partnership agreements, Limited Liability Company operating agreements, Bylaws, Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, Letters of intent, Agreements for the sale of goods, Agreements for the sale of services, Distribution agreements, Con-struction agreements, Technology and intellectual property agreements, Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements, Employment agreements Restrictive covenants (e.g. non-compete and non-solicitation), Independent Contractor agreements, Consulting agreements, Severance agreements, Release agreements, Licensing agreements, Indemnity agreements, Escrow agreements

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